April 18: Loving and Helping Someone in Addiction


Speakers: Sinai Thao

Recovery | Mental Health | Relationships

Loving and helping someone trapped in addiction can feel like an overwhelming challenge. Sinai Thao knows what it is like to walk alongside those who are struggling with addiction, and he knows what it is like to be an addict who needs family and friends to walk alongside him. In this serminar, Sinai will talk about how to navigate life and engage with those who are struggling with substance abuse.

Sinai Thao is the director of Recover at Wooddale Church. He also works at Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge with those who are seeking to find freedom and hope from substance abuse. He recently graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree in Christian Ministry and became a licensed pastor. Sinai is continuing his education in North Central University’s graduate program, pursuing a master’s degree in Christian Leadership. Sinai enjoys working with people in recovery because he, too, had an addiction. By the grace of God, Sinai has overcome a 20-year addiction to alcohol and a nearly 10-year cocaine addiction. During this time, he faced many health battles, including flatlining in 2017 and a heart attack in 2019. Sinai has been sober for over four years and has overcome many of the health challenges from his past.

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