December 7: Marriage and Values


Speakers: Jim and Patty Robinson

Our values are the unwritten guidelines we live by and the things we hold dearest. It is essential to identify your values because values can become the filter for determining decisions. In marriage, knowing your mate’s top values is crucial — because values determine and drive behavior. It is vital that each partner can live out their values. When our life feels out of sync, it is often because we live contrary to our values and feel stuck, bored or overwhelmed.

Jim and Patty Robinson founded Family Life Coaching of Minnesota in 2015. Jim is a retired attorney and healthcare executive. Patty is a former social worker and holds a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. Both Jim and Patty hold certifications in Family Life Coaching from North Carolina State University. They are Prepare Enrich Seminar Directors and Level Two Marriage Leaders through the Gottman Institute. They have two sons, two daughter-in-loves and four grandchildren. They will celebrate 49 years of marriage in December. Passionate about marriage, they are former directors of re│engage and Marriage Builders at Wooddale.

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