June 6: Exercise Strategies to Energize Your Summer


Speaker: Andrew Moran

Parenting | Relationships

Summer is a great time to start paying more attention to your exercise routine. In this seminar, we’ll look at several exercise strategies you can use to energize your summer. Whether new to an exercise routine or an experienced athlete, this seminar will help you get healthier and more strategic about your exercise goals.

Andrew Moran is a Doctor of Physical Therapy specializing in orthopedics and sports medicine rehabilitation to allow people to move to a healthier life. He strongly believes in equipping people with the tools to reduce the risk of future injuries and build resilience and confidence.

A former North Dakota State University baseball player, he earned an Exercise Science Degree from NDSU and a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Mary Physical Therapy Program. As a team sports athlete growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, before moving to Minnetonka as a high schooler, Andrew understands what it means to compete and train at a high level.

As his college years came to a close, he fell into the running scene, where his clinical and training habits have since had their home. He competes in road races and triathlons, which feed into his specialty of treating endurance athletes. He has learned from some of the best in the country and carved out a niche in the Twin Cities area as the go-to provider for treating runners and triathletes, from novices to professionals. Andrew has contributed to multiple Runner’s World articles, performing gait analysis, collaborating with coaches and keeping athletes on the road training and getting faster as age groups advance.

Andrew enjoys being involved in his community, attending his local church, training for his next race and spending time with his wife and two boys.

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