March 21: Relational Health: Longing for a Deeper Connection


Speakers: Tiffany Bobendrier    

Mental Health | Relationships

We are created for relationship. From the cradle to the grave, the longings of our hearts cry out to be seen, safe, soothed and secure. Unfortunately, when our day-to-day life experiences don’t always meet our needs, we find ourselves wondering what went wrong. Tiffany Bobendrier invites you to take a step back and look at how the emotional underpinnings of our closest relationships can contribute to patterns that leave us feeling stuck. Whether looking to enrich a strong relationship or restore a strained one, understanding the good reasons we interact the way we do can help guide you toward a deeper, more secure connection with those you love.

Tiffany Bobendrier is a wife and mom of four whom God also uses outside the home as an adoption support group leader, trauma-competent caregiving trainer and licensed professional counselor. Entering the field of professional counseling with a desire to share what she’s learned about the needs of hurting kids, Tiffany discovered a passion to share the beauty of attachment with the parents and caregivers who raise them. The stories she has had the privilege of witnessing repeatedly highlight the critical role of healthy adults and healthy marriage relationships as a foundation for healthy families. 

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