March 23: How to Process Strong Negative Emotions


Speaker: Jon Odom

Emotions are great indicators of what occurs within our heart and mind. However, many of us (especially men) do not know how to process these emotions in a way that is healthy and productive. Therefore we tend to suppress, ignore and inadvertently become unhealthy in the way in which we live. This lunch and learn will provide you with 4 questions to get clarity on what emotion you’re feeling, why you feel that negative emotion and also how to process it in a way that is healthy.

Jonathon Odom is a husband, father, and follower of Christ. Jon has obtained multiple degrees from Liberty University, including his undergraduate, masters and Ph.D in the fields of biomedical science, anatomy and cell biology. Jon uses these degrees as an adjunct faculty member teaching in the Physician Assistant program at Bethel University. Although Jon loves teaching about God and His attributes as Creator, he felt called into ministry and has joined Wooddale Church as the West Bank Campus pastor. Jon also serves as the Vice President of ‘Men of the Kingdom’, a non-profit organization that exists to empower and equip the next generation of moral leaders in the Church. Jon is passionate about discipleship and living life on mission.

Outside of teaching and preaching, Jon loves staying active. He is a former football player for Liberty University and currently stays active in many ways, some of which include triathlon, snowboarding and exploring the national parks. If you want to play a sport or just grab coffee, Jon would be excited to do so.

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