March 7: Helping a Student Who Is Struggling


Speakers: Emma Teal

Parenting | Mental Health

In a time when students are grappling with unprecedented challenges and hardships, it’s important to be equipped and encouraged to be able to support them. During this Lunch & Learn, we will explore the heightened difficulties students face in today’s complex culture. Backed by research, this session will provide educators, parents and mentors with practical tools to assist struggling students effectively. Additionally, we’ll delve into valuable insights from biblical advice, offering a holistic perspective on fostering resilience and success in the face of challenges. 

Emma Teal began as Wooddale’s Senior High associate in August 2020. Since August 22, she has served as the Senior High director. Emma is passionate about connecting young people with Christ through community and discipleship and enjoys every opportunity to be with students. She studied Elementary Education and Mathematics at the University of St. Thomas and currently attends the University of Northwestern–St. Paul, pursuing a Master’s in Ministry Leadership and Educational Studies.

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