May 2: Making a Difference: Helping Without Hurting


Speakers: Kathy Girthofer

Mental Health | Relationships

Join Kathy Girthofer for a conversation through the intricate balance between philanthropy and unintended consequences. Kathy emphasizes recognizing the potential pitfalls linked to aiding others, steering us toward responsible and impactful avenues that foster genuine social change — without reinforcing dependency or encountering other obstacles to effective intervention. Her presentation challenges traditional perspectives on charity, advocating for a more considerate, empathetic and responsible approach to creating lasting positive impacts in the lives of those we seek to support.

As the associate director of the Family Resource Initiative at Wooddale Church, Kathy supports individuals and families as they navigate life’s challenges. For 20 years, she has drawn on profound insights from her experiences to offer a compassionate and relational spirit to the aid of others, incorporating her sociology education and coursework from the Christian Counseling Education Foundation. Through a blend of social work initiatives and robust management skills, Kathy imparts hope to others, bridging the gap between a life without Christ and the profound transformative influence of faith.

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