November 30: How to Foster a “Family-Centered” Environment


Speakers: Emma Teal

We tend to believe that the most effective approach to parenting and raising a family is to create a kid-centered environment in which the children’s needs, hobbies, perspectives and interests become prioritized above all else. While children should certainly feel valued and cared for, it’s important that the entire family unit feels the same. That’s where the “family-centered” parenting approach proves effective. “Family-centered” parenting creates an environment where the needs, hobbies, perspectives and interests of the entire family unit — parent(s) and child(ren) — are prioritized. Join Emma Teal as she describes how a “family-centered” environment can benefit the entire family while your children are in your home — and especially later in life!

Emma Teal began as Wooddale’s Senior High associate in August 2020. Since August 22, she has served as the Senior High director. Emma is passionate about connecting young people with Christ through community and discipleship and enjoys every opportunity to be with students. Emma studied Elementary Education and Mathematics at the University of St. Thomas and currently attends the University of Northwestern – St. Paul, pursuing her Master’s in Ministry Leadership and Educational Studies.

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