A Place at the Table (APATT)

Losing a spouse can leave you feeling overwhelmed and alone. But you don’t have to go through the journey alone. A Place at the Table (APATT) is a group of people at Wooddale who have similar experiences and will come alongside you to provide comfort and hope.

A Place at the Table focuses on the unique needs of widows and widowers in every stage of their journey. Whether you lost your spouse recently, last year or several years ago, APATT has something to offer throughout every phase of your experience:

  • Connection with others: APATT offers a variety of opportunities for you to connect with others who have experienced a similar loss, from serving together to enjoying coffee and conversation. This can be a powerful source of comfort, understanding and support.
  • Spiritual support: APATT offers spiritual support to help you find comfort and strength in your faith.
  • Education: APATT offers opportunities to learn from speakers and group discussions and find comfort through seminars. This can help you learn how to manage grief and move forward.

Through A Place at the Table, you will make friends with people who understand you in ways others can’t. You’ll share tears and laughter with people who will make a real and lasting difference in your life and help you keep moving forward in healing and hope.

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