The United States has the highest divorce rate in the western world. Forty percent of Americans believe marriage is obsolete. Thirty-one percent of marriages in America are seriously distressed and the lifetime estimate of divorce rate is 40-50%. What if it didn’t have to be that way? We are here because we believe marriage matters. We offer programs for marriage preparation, marriage enrichment and marriages in crisis.

The Family Resource Initiative has a variety of ways to prepare for or build your marriage. 


April 25: How to Read the Room

Speaker: Derek Baerenwald Relationships Many of us feel tension and a desire for change to happen, whether in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces or communities. Unfortunately,

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Marriage Builders class

Is your marriage on a solid foundation? Marriage Builders is a class to develop Godly character and follow God’s design for a satisfying and strong

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Premarital seminars

Our premarital seminars are a half-day seminar that includes teaching around a variety of topics to help prepare couples for lasting marriages. These seminars are

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A better marriage starts here.A safe place to reconnect, reignite or resurrect your marriage. Does your marriage need to be reignited? Does it require a complete

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