August 1: When Your World Crumbles: Hope for Sufferers


Speaker: Jenny Caterer

Relationships | Mental Health | Grief

After giving birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl following years of infertility, miscarriages and high-risk pregnancies, Jenny Caterer and her husband, Matt, were on top of the world. Just eight weeks later, their world came crashing down when Jenny was diagnosed out of the blue with incurable cancer, leaving the couple uncertain she would survive to see their daughter’s first birthday.

The physical and emotional pain grew exponentially worse one week after her diagnosis when Jenny went paralyzed from her ribs to her toes due to the largest of the tumors compressing her spinal cord. She was not expected to have the muscle strength to sit up in a chair ever again, let alone care for her infant daughter. In that moment, her already-broken world crumbled, and her faith was put to the test.

In this seminar, you will hear Jenny Caterer’s remarkable story and learn practical ways to help others going through unimaginable trials of their own. Or perhaps you are in a season of pain and unanswered questions and desperately need to hear that you are not alone, forgotten or abandoned. During this Lunch and Learn seminar, you will be reminded that there is hope for you! You will leave this seminar with tools to take the next (or first) step away from desperation and doubt and onto a path of hope and healing.

Jenny Caterer is a follower of Jesus, a wife, a mother and the pastoral residency coordinator at Chapelstreet Church in Geneva, Illinois. She holds an undergraduate degree in English Education from Judson University and a Master of Arts in Christian Formation and Ministry from Wheaton College Graduate School.

Her greatest passion is to help others encounter the beauty of Jesus Christ and recall the goodness of God. Though she admits to little spare time with a tireless toddler and ongoing cancer treatment, Jenny still makes time for the important things in life: listening to people’s stories, declaring the excellencies of her great God, having dance parties with her two-year-old in the living room and drinking generous amounts of cold brew coffee to fuel all of the above.

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