August 8: Knowing the Difference Between Passive, Assertive, Passive-Aggressive and Aggressive Communication


Speaker: Todd Mulliken

Mental Health | Relationships | Parenting | Marriage

This interactive session delves into the distinctions between passive, assertive, passive-aggressive and aggressive communication and equips participants with practical insights and strategies. From understanding the impact of passive communication to cultivating assertiveness and addressing passive-aggressive behaviors, attendees will gain valuable tools to enhance their interpersonal skills. Join us for a concise exploration of communication dynamics, empowering you to express yourself effectively, build healthier relationships and confidently navigate professional and personal challenges.

Todd Mulliken, MS, LPCC, is a counselor, author and speaker. He owns Mulliken Counseling Center in Edina, where he provides counseling for individuals and couples. Todd speaks about mental health at various venues, including schools and churches.

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