Financial Peace

Layoffs at Meta … Layoffs at Twitter … Layoffs at Amazon …

Target profits down 52% … Soft holiday buying season expected … Fed expected to raise rates at least another percentage point …

These are just some of the financial headlines from the past seven days. It’s hard to escape conversations about money. They’re all around us. We talk about money at home, we talk about money at work and we talk about money with complete strangers. What too many people don’t do is make a plan for how to deal with money.

Statistics tell us that fights revolving around money are the second leading cause of divorce in the United States. Wouldn’t it make sense to get a grip on finances in 2023?

The Family Resource Initiative is sponsoring Financial Peace University in 2023. This nine-lesson course will equip you with the tools you need to save for emergencies, pay off debt fast, spend wisely and invest in your future.

Here are three steps you can take in 2023 to help get you started.

1) Create a budget and live within your means. There are a myriad of online budgeting tools to help get you started. The key to a budget is to revisit it at least once a week. Our incomes and expenses don’t remain static—especially in an inflationary period. So, evaluate what your monthly income and expense will look like before the month begins. You’ll be amazed at how much you can save by living within your budget.

2) Start saving for emergencies. If you don’t have $1,000 in the bank, begin there. Lots of people find help by calling insurance companies and comparing what they’re currently paying with what others can offer. Some people renegotiate the rate of interest they’re paying on credit cards. Others find some items they’re no longer using and sell them online. Start brainstorming ways to save $1,000 starting today.

3) Make the decision to no longer be passive about finances. Register for a course that can help change the trajectory of your financial future. Find out more here.

Wouldn’t it be great to experience Financial Peace in 2023? We’d love to help you get there. Watch this page for more in the year to come.